Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Depressed

I have a certain reputation amongst friends of being depressive. Not depressed. Just depressive. Continually walking in a cloud of pessimism. Always looking on the bleak side of life. No hint of any sense of humour. Etc etc.

That's why this appeals. Thanks Charles.

Admittedly it's not exactly unwarranted, but today I had to chuckle (just slightly and quietly least people think I did have a sense of humour, even though I was in the middle of nowhere with no one else as far as the eye could see - which wasn't really that far but you get the idea). If only yous could have seen me.

Racing downhill. Silly grin on my face. I was once again reminded that solid exercise and nature are the biggest buzzes I can get. And it makes me happy. Hear that?! Happy!!

And even the odd injury isn't enough to stop it being awesome.

So here we have the first cycling related blood of the summer. Awesome.

I did some superficial damage to the bike on this fall too, which isn't usually the case with me. I'll try and do a better job next time. I'm still waiting for my rescue helicopter trip sometime. Slowly working up to that one.

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