Friday, 5 October 2007

The Winner

There's a wild rumour going around that last weekend I, at long last, became a winner.

Yes, that's right, a winner. Me.

I wasn't present, however, so I only have other people's word to go on. But those words suggest that I won "Most Valuable Player" for our team (no surprise there; they always lost without me - and only lost sometimes with me).

And I won the "Best Goalkeeper" ... in the entire club. That one was a bit of a surprise. If only cos I didn't know such a trophy existed.

So here's a photo of me with my trophies. Even though I wasn't present to collect them.

Okay so I cheated a bit with a photo stolen from here (thanks Graham and Pierre), and a head stolen from a shot Sharyn took of me months ago (thanks Sharyn).

But I can, however, regale you with stories of earlier prizegivings at the very same clubrooms.

Years ago, when I was at high school (see years ago), Naenae Hockey Club put on a weekend tournament where all the first teams from the local (greater Wellington) high schools played together. Coming from a low decile school (not that such a thing existed back then) our first team played in a low grade. Consequently when it came to this tournament we tended to get thrashed. 17-0 was not an uncommon score.

I still remember being told off for yelling the "c" word (rhymes with 'runt' for those of you wondering exactly which word I mean) loudly one game. I only did it because we were being beaten 13-0 and one of the opposition players decided to whack me on the head with his stick. This was the day before helmets, but it was still an effort for a player to lift his stick up to head height to hit you. They scored as I was doing this. I didn't see who the guy was. I got told off.

Years later I found out who that player was. I'd played rep and club hockey with him and never knew until he went out of town to go to varsity. Bloody Wella (as in wella woman - he was very proud of his hair).

Anyway even this unsporting little moment didn't stop me twice winning "Most Sportsmanlike Conduct" or somesuch thing. Really they meant "Biggest Loser" but they were too kind to say.

Proud moments. Proud moments. Damned proud moments.


a camera in the world said...

Let me be the first to pat you on the back. Not to hard,as that head looks like it has been attached a little wonky :-)

But really,congrats, big ups,whoop whoop.

microphen said...

yeah thanks.

i found out the other day that my bro won mvp for his team too. and he wasn't there to collect either. so our name is now mud. he didn't win best goalie though. cos i won that.and there can't be two best goalies. though i'm sure if i ever see the trophy his name will be on there somewhere.