Monday, 15 October 2007

The Winner

Last week I got an email from this guy in Auckland. It said:

"Welcome along to the AHR October news broadcast... beaming out from the bottom of a volcano

... More about The Hills Have Ears – Arch Hill Compilation IV

We mentioned it last news time but by now you might be wondering how to get hold of The Hills Have Ears – Arch Hill Compilation IV, featuring 15 tracks across the board of Arch Hill bands... well there are a few different ways... firstly if you could head along to one of the following shows where [blah blah blah] ...

Or if you aren’t in Auckland and can’t make it, then can also buy the compilation for the Arch Hill website for $10 by heading to OR the first five people to reply to this email with their address can WIN a copy... or people who aren’t on the mail list (OK I guess you are if you are getting this) can get a copy by signing up at"

All very exciting. So I reply thusly:

"Am I in the first five????????"

To which the reply came:

"You are lucky last – but you will have to send an address.


So I did. And I thanked him.

Today it arrived in my post box. Exciting. Here's the cover.

It's very good. But being an Arch Hill release you'd expect it to be. For more information go here.

And for those of you interested I've recently added a bit of stuff to my website. Some of it you'll have to search for - if you really want to know exactly what I've added and have nothing better to do.

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