Friday, 12 October 2007

The Job

Just been doing a clean out and came across these. From May 2004.

Some days my job really sucks.

See it sucks. So much that it hospitalises you. Not nice.

They were all shot by Paul Fisher. From memory they're all at Hutt Hospital and were for ACC. From memory.


sharyn-with-a-y said...

Oooo, I like the first one. That could be art.

Bex said...

I like the second one - you look
like an evil doc contemplating

microphen said...

i like the first one best. it has more gravitas.

to me it's like i'm either deeply contemplating my future actions on the table or reflecting on a god awful cock up i made.

hihi feeder said...

...I thought you were just wondering where your patient had scarpered off to...

microphen said...

well yes indeed, if you wished to project a less serious take on it you are allowed too.

as it allows so many different readings it just means it's a damned good photo.

mainly just cos it's got me dressed as a doctor.