Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Backofbeyond

I know it's sad to revisit times past. But I do have a bunch of photos sitting in a folder waiting to be blogged.

And, as I understand it, I'm not actually allowed to publish/exhibit school work in any way without prior consent.

So you aren't ever going to know about the crap I'm making for school, but you're lucky enough to see where I went in January last year. Again.

It was here.

I've been there before. And I think I'd shot this before. But on this day it was near perfect.

And as a special surprise, I just noticed my latest review is up. And there are quite a number I believe I neglected to point you to when they were published so here's a list of books I have read.

There are a couple more on their way, Maybe if I feel like it I'll tell you about them sometime too.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Leak

Forgive my ignorance, but do you think I'd be right in suggesting that maybe this film holder is a little leaky?

It kinda ruins the image I feel.

This was one of those films which had been sitting around for over a year before processing. A lot can happen in a year. Even to a humble slice of photographic film.

This shot was ruined not so much by a light leak as by an idiot accidentally pulling the darkslide out exposing a portion of the film to a little too much light.

I have previously blogged these shots - but in a different format, by a different photographer. It's kinda cool.

And here's what that top location looks like in colour, without light leak, and closer up.

I'm going back one day.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Covers

One good thing about being back at school is that I have access to a decent darkroom again. No more having to convert the bathroom.

So yesterday I processed about two dozen sheets of 4x5. Some were shot in January last year. Shocking.

But I'm not posting any of those shots just yet. Instead you get this, which I was going to post prior to The TripTM. But then I didn't cos I couldn't be bothered.

It's more songs - my Covers EP.

It contains favourite songs, songs I enjoy playing, and a then-new song which I had just excitedly worked out how to play and butcher.

Sadly since learning it, the magic disappeared, so I don't play it anymore. I do still play the album the original is on though.

So enjoy the lofi majesty of me ruining some songs some of you will know.

And maybe next time I'll have some photos for you.

Oh, okay, here are a couple of pics to get you in the mood for the music - dusky and dirty.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Forestry

Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Gardens

One day in January last year I was bored. Well actually I was probably bored a few days in January last year. But on this particular day I had film in a camera which needed to be shot. What with the law stating that film can't be left unexposed in a camera for more than 2 weeks.

So I went to the gardens. And took some photos.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Acquisitions

Over the last few days I've been acquiring a bit of new art.

There are a couple of Blue David Boyce's.

Mind you, we're still kinda in negotiation about these.

But they're now at my place ... so I own them!!!

Then there's the Wayne Youle.

It's actually a collaborative effort between me, Wayne and Ra.

And there's a Henry Winkelmann on the way from one of the other David's in my life.

Oh, and there's a John Lake waiting for me too.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Man

It recently occurred to me that I often use this forum to prove my manliness. Hence the various photos of my blood and other bits of body, the various self-portraits of me in out of the way places, the retelling of rugged manly stories.

Why this is the case I'm not sure. Maybe it's some reaction to my general failing in life. And it's not like I really have anything to prove. After all Andrew (yes that is my given name) actually means 'manly'.

But here we have some more photos exploring, in some way, my my manliness. Taken about an hour after arriving home from The TripTM, because I had a roll of 400 screaming out to be shot, and cos I could.

It's actually quite difficult to come up with things to do for twelve shots when two would do. But at the same time it's quite fun making excuses to waste a whole roll on myself in a matter of minutes.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Okay, who out there remembers APS?

What a ridiculous format that was. I bet if the film and camera companies really thought about digital, the world would never have seen APS. And that wouldn't have necessarily have been a bad thing.

Here's a funny bit from the above linked article:
Despite the added features, APS never really caught on with professional photographers because the film area was just too small. The APS film surface area is only 56% of 135 film, and many professionals consider even 135 film to be small.
Did they honestly expect pros to adopt APS?!


One thing I've come to realise, especially after recently scanning a bunch of 35mm colour neg, and after using the Nikon D300 on my recent overseas excursion, is that 35mm detail is crap. APS is nearly 100% crappier.

Now some of you will probably be going "Yes, but Mr Microphen, you've been known to use bloody 110 film which is, like, at least 400% crappier, so quit bagging APS dude!"

Screw you. This is my blog and I'll bag whoever and whatever I like!!

Anyway. Here are a bunch of shots from a disposable APS camera I dragged around the States (though clearly I forgot about it for the first week).

In chronological order. With no notes. Nice.

And there's an amazing prize (which I'll come up with later if I have any need to) for the first person to correctly name all the locations.