Monday, 1 October 2007

The Appropriated

Little known fact.

Last night at Shed 11 the NZCP and Photospace had a special opening, for a special show. It was called the Shed 11 Collectors' Evening or something. It was a very last minute arrangement. It also set a new world record for dismantling an exhibition and hanging a new one - 1 show down and 87 works up in an hour and a half (and that was with the help of David and Brian - some of you will sympathise I'm sure).

Amongst the familiar names - Peter Peryer, Ans Westra, Peter Black, Anne Noble, Max Oettli, Robin Morrison, Andrew Ross - were some names (and works) possibly familiar to regular readers, especially those readers from Hong Kong and Raglan.

Jodi Ruth Keet.

David Boyce.

Andy Palmer.

Jodi's was kindly gifted from my own collection, and was previously shown in Religious Studies at Thermostat Art Gallery. David's work has, I believe, never been exhibited before. And five of my pieces had previously been shown at the now defunct Aaron Laurence Gallery. (Considering the local fuss about its closure - it even made Campbell Live - I'm surprised I can't find anything about it on Google.)

The show was supposed to come down last night, but it is still up today - for the next fifteen minutes or so. Get along. Have a look. Buy stuff.


JRK said...

kindly gifted from your own collection aye... !

a camera in the world said...


we must be dead,

or foreigners,

you know, to have stuff shown on the hallowed walls of the NZCP

will check pulse and passport and report back

microphen said...

some of us are very much alive.

have to admit the nzcp part of the show had allan chawner (australian - yawn), harry moult (kiwi - dead), and john field (kiwi living in australia).

whereas photospace had robin morrison (dead) and um ... lots of living kiwis. you know contemporary new zealand photography.

a camera in the world said...

Yeah, Allan Chawner, DL is very loyal to his friends.

I don't have a problem with the NZCP showing good international work by leading photographers. The fact that it dosen't is the problem.

microphen said...

yep. but it won't be showing anything for a while. shed 11 is closed down until next year sometime ... by which point the nzcp may be a permanent resident