Thursday, 5 April 2007

The Bruise

Seeing as I got absolutely no sympathy from anyone regarding my earlier posting regarding the amount of pain I had recently suffered as a result of having too much fun, and considering that there is now some physical evidence of said pain I had recently suffered as a result of having too much fun, I decided I should post an image of said physical evidence just to prove that when I said "Usually it is fun. Today, however, it hurts." I meant it bloody hurt!! So much so that I was considering a trip to the hospital, although I knew that it wasn't anything major (like something broken) and the pain would go in time, and while it hurt whenever I tried doing, well, anything being the staunch guy I am I knew I could ride out the pain and come through the other side a stronger person.

I have to say it's a little bit confusing due to the nice summer tan line, but the reddish circle on top of my shoulder is where the ball hit. Why the bruise is so intense further down the arm I have no idea. It looks cool though.

And just in case you were wondering (and you almost certainly weren't cos otherwise you would have sent me some sympathy) the pain did go away, and now it only hurts when I push on it, or lie on it the wrong way.

I like hockey season cos I get to collect lots of bruises. It's fun.


Unknown said...


microphen said...

yeah, but not so much anymore.

the colour however has changed to a lovely purpley black. real sexy.

Anonymous said...

oh poor andy ohhhhh....

that good?!