Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The Famous

I don't know why it is but the latter half of this year has seen a regression in my photography. Gone is the crispness of 120 and 4x5, and in is the crapness of polaroid and 110.

On my most recent trip to Wanganui I picked up another 110 camera - from the same place I picked up my first one. I had to pay for this one though. A whole $5. The list price was $8. Bargain. It's a Hanimex Tele 110TF. It's a telephoto 110 camera!! Why!!! What's the point?!! And it has a built in flash. That's useful.

So including the Kodak Pocket Instamatic 300 I threw away and later retrieved (yes I couldn't live with the knowledge I had a camera in the rubbish bins amongst decomposing vegetable scraps and milk cartons), I now have three of these pieces of rubbish. Cool.

Look for a show of my over-enlarged shots of nothingness coming to a gallery near you soon.

Here's a picture of somebody famous just to tide you over until that show.

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