Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Play

The other day as I was loading the car with all the crap (including a polaroid camera) I needed for heading up to Palmerston North for the hang, a friend sent a text asking if I had a polaroid camera. At the time I had three. Now I have four - though my friend currently has one of them, so at the moment I do only have three.

There was an odd seredipity going on there. (Is there any other sort?) Both of us, separate from one another, had decided it was time to go all 1970s on yo arse and tackle the polaroid thing.

After wasting time and film trying to get the thing to work, here's a shot I took last evening. See if you can guess where I was.

In fact it's two shots cos I wasn't actually sure the thing was working properly, and rather than run the risk of pulling an unexposed sheet, I thought it'd be fun to pull a double exposed on instead. I like it.

And here's one I took yesterday morning. See if you can guess where I was.

This one possibly already has a new owner willing to pay the exorbitant amount of money I want for it, what with it being a unique work and all. I just have to be brave enough to let it go.

There's a nice unpredictability that polaroid offers - such as all the weird marks on this shot - that makes it fun (and frustrating) to play with. This particular camera doesn't seem to like scenes with lots of sky in them, consistently over-exposing. But that in itself is quite cool.


jk said...

I have no idea where the first photo was taken becuase it is all funny and double exposed but I know the second one cause it's real cool

microphen said...

actually where the first one was taken was much colder - almost freezing even