Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Claim

I'm running away, yet again, for a few days. I'm having a show in Auckland. It's at Oedipus Rex. Here's the invitation.

If you live in Auckland please come along to the opening next Tuesday and say "hi". If you don't live in Auckland, send a proxy along instead and get them to say "hi".

And just cos it'd be rude not to mention it, Jodi is in a group show up there. Here's her invitation.

If you've read that carefully you'll notice that Jess Parker is also in that show. She studied with Jodi, has shown a bit at Photospace, currently works for the Timaru Herald, and has a nice blog and a website too (permanent links over on the left there). She takes nice photos. I've nearly bought a couple ... but I'm a tightwad.

And while I'm giving others props, check out my colleague Paul's new site. There are a couple of fun games you can play flicking through the pics - well it was fun for me anyway. 1) work out how many shoots I assisted on. 2) work out how many shots I feature in. Oh the hours of fun to be had there.

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