Sunday, 27 May 2007

The Moving

This is how I finished one of these films. You can only shoot so much stuff without feeling like you're repeating yourself when you're wandering around for hours working on a project.

Especially when you've wandered the same ground five times before and pointed the camera at the same stuff five times before.

These look like nothing I've shot before.

At least I'll state that categorically here and now and won't let you anywhere near my files to prove otherwise.

In other news, ndiginiz posted a wonderful comment responding to my conflict which, while specifically about me, has enough bloody good points about how people look at and respond to photographs that you should all read it.


Anonymous said...

What is up with this out of focus blury stuff!!!!!?

microphen said...

i'll have you know that the focus is spot on.

it surprises me just how many people can't tell the difference between out of focus and movement.

i really would have thought you'd be clevererer than that.

Anonymous said...

What is up with this perfectly focussed heaps of movement stuff!!!!!?

microphen said...

it's called abstraction.

or if you prefer, lazy photography resulting in pleasing but unexciting images which are what they are, lacking in any depth or meaning.

Anonymous said...

it goes to show i just didn't really care