Friday, 16 March 2007

The Morning

There are days. Some days you sleep. Some days you don't.

Lately I've been struggling with the sleeping bit. Especially when the person I'm working with says they're going to be up early and head out. So I wake about 6.ooam (after getting to sleep about 1.00am), lie there for a bit, then go "bugger this, I'm getting up."

Some days it's a good thing too.

Being in Twizel, and it being a glorious morning, I thought I'd go for a walk. I walked across the road.

Across the road was the Ben Ohau Golf Course. I walked around and took photos - as I tend to do.

I took a lot more photos than I intended, but I was having fun.

You can see the moon, and Mount Cook in some of the photos. It's really cool looking west to see the moon setting, just as the sun is rising in the east.

Just as I was getting back, the person I was working with made an appearance. It was time for breakfast.

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