Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Return

Today I was going to astound you with images of "The Return". However, I have come to the realisation that 1) I didn't post images of "The Initial", so images of "The Return" won't be so shocking, 2) as I was carrying about fifteen kilograms of camera gear to the second (though chronologically the first) location, I decided (stupidly) not to take my own camera. That means I will have to astound you with words and not pictures.

Anyway, Part 1 - Fox Glacier

January 2006

March 2007

January 2006

March 2007
I'm not sure how obvious it is from these photos, but the lose of glacier seemed to me to be quite significant - a good 10-20 metres of length lost, and a whole lot of melting at the front.

And, Part 2 - Cave Creek

Both from January 2006.

As I was too lazy to lug my 1.5kg camera on the two hour walk, you'll just have to imagine this location with a similar green, a bluer sky, and no water. I was completely shocked. And this time I ignored as best as I could the memorial.

It's the West Coast. There's supposed to be water, for crying out loud.

Maybe the glacier and creeks were on holiday too.

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