Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The Pretty

Yes I'm back in the land of blog. I had a great time being wined and dined down south, while acting as chauffeur/tour guide/sometime assistant.

This is a shot from somewhere, taken some time ago, in some place I can't recall, and is here purely cos I like it. It's pretty.

Special Bonus Offer:
Sharyn, and others(!), rudely took the opportunity afforded by my trip to embarrass some poor bugger a lot more. It's rude and offensive. Oh, and funny.


Anonymous said...

well I had a blast, so did Tania.....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whimsical :)

a camera in the world said...


microphen said...

1) i'm glad for the both of you

2) yes indeed it is

3) as above