Monday, 26 March 2007

Another Valley

This is the Ahuriri Valley. Before I got there a friend had informed me that it was a stunningly beautiful valley. Indeed he went so far as to state it was the second most beautiful valley in the country. I had no reason to believe him. I had no reason to doubt him either mind you. Clearly, as it turned out, he knew what he was talking about.

That's the first real glimpse you get of the valley, as it opens up in front of you after cruising a few kilometres down a dirt road.

And a little further up the valley.

Climbing up the western side of the valley we got grand views north and south.

Looking north with Ben Avon pond in the foreground.

And some other view of the place.

The Ahuriri Valley was one of those experiences which happen less and less for me now - old, jaded, and cynical as I am. My first view of the valley was quite literally jawdropping. Nothing prepares you for the view you get. The first part of the road you drive down is so mediocre that when the valley opens up in front of you it is a complete revelation. While the effect was lessened with subsequent trips, it still held me, and I suspect going back I will be hit again by the expanse and beauty.

It's quite a nice place, eh!

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a camera in the world said...

I still remember my first visit there. It was late afternoon and the light was outstanding. Of course I didn't know much about photography then as I was all of about 15, but I still remember the light. And the dust. Lots of dust. On the car, in the car, in the air.