Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Lazy

I wasn't going to blog today but ...

So I'm posting a bunch of images that have been sitting around waiting for their moment of glory for months. They were taken in March 2002. I posted a similar one soon after I started wasting time on this blog thing.

These three are from Charles Plimmer Park on Mount Victoria. The standards looked good there.

But ... the main reason for this post is because I just flicked through the Jim Barr & Mary Barr blog and noticed a couple of posts. One cos it's nicely frivolous in a there-are-worse-ways-to-spend-your-summer-holiday kinda way. (I can safely say I've seen six of them, and have no great desire to see most of the rest - but that's just me, no reason for you not to fulfil your arthouse duties.)

One cos it's nicely questioning - in an unquestioning kinda way. You can view the full report, and list, here. And if you click on the 'Te Papa' label at the end of their post and you get a bunch of interesting comments/points by the pair about said institution.

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