Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Lewis

That man with a camera is coming back to Wellington shortly to open his show at Photospace.

Here are some shots I took early last year when David and I decided we needed to waste a few hours one Sunday cruising a nearby industrial 'estate'.

Independently, both of us had come up with the idea of ripping off American photographer Lewis Baltz, though naturally doing it in our own way and with local locations. (Buggered if I'm going to fly to San Francisco to rip off someone else's idea).

Although aware of his work, wasn't didin't realise I'd done such a good job of ripping it off.

But Your Honour, we were just using Baltz's work as a springboard to our own work, how dare you suggest we were plagiarising him?

By a nice coincidence in timing, Lewis Baltz is coming to Auckland to take a masterclass a couple of days after David's opening. So he and I, and a few other local boys, are heading up to meet the master himself. I think I may have to take these along, just for humour's sake.

As I've no doubt lamented elsewhere, I find it all too easy to take shots which have the potential to be the start of a bigger better body of work, and then forget about them. This is one of those - along with this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and even this potentially (and that's just from the shit I've blogged!!!).

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