Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Magic

New Zealand has a lot of places in the middle of nowhere as we have a lot of nowheres.

This is one of those places.

But this place is magical.

I have a clock in my car. It hasn't worked properly since I bought the car. And it has not worked at all for the last few years.

But one night in this place, and the clock in my car was magically working again.

Thanks crazy electro-whatever dudes/taniwha/ghoulies/etc.

Mind you I don't know it it's still working. Probably not.


birdman said...

it hasn't made my car clock start working and I've spent many more nights there. not that i miss the clock at all, but if the magic would work on my car stereo instead... (unlikely, given wires coming out the back of the stereo are not connected to wires coming out of the car)

microphen said...

ah well, maybe whatever it is has a preference for 4x4 gas gusslers.