Saturday, 10 June 2006

The Idea

Until I posted the pumpkins I didn't realise that viewer expectations were so high and oh how I hate to disappoint. I did find it interesting that 1) people are more eager to post comments regarding lesser photos, and 2) while some were willing to say it was a bad photo, none were willing to say why.

So, with that in mind today I start a series of images from a new body of work which may or may not go anywhere. Currently it is only twenty three shots old, so there is plenty of scope for growth.

The idea is to look at sports fields, primarily winter sports fields, after the games have finished. In some ways it could be seen as a companion piece to my playground series, but without the nostalgia and pathos. Some may see it as straight documentary. Others may like to think the images have political or environmental inferences. For me, at the moment, it is all that, plus more and less.

So in keeping with the patented Andy Palmer style, these images are photos of people without being photos of people. They are portals through which the viewer is invited to go down their own path. They are a gateway to your imagination, your history, your morality, your intellect, your thoughts. They are self-portraits (some quite explicitly so).

Bearing in mind what I said in the first paragraph and that this is the first time I've actually invited critical comment at such an early stage in shooting, I would like some critical feedback on this series. You know, honest to god criticism - good, bad or otherwise. What works. What sucks. You know what I mean.

But maybe wait for a couple more images before ripping in to me ... maybe.

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