Saturday, 25 April 2009


It's ANZAC Day. So in honour of this occasion here are some photos.

I took these ANZAC Day 2008.

I had some TMAX400 that had been sitting in filmholders for months, so I decided to use it.

Reportage style. Handheld 4x5. Film rated to 6400 so I could shoot around 1/500th.

They're a bit underexposed or underdeveloped (it was over 25min).

I wandered all over town cos I had nothing better to do.

And cos I thought there may be things to shoot at other places.

And on the way home a little after dusk I bumped into the cirucs.

By the time I got to the National War Memorial it was dark.

And fittingly lit.


birdman said...

I like many of these, but oddly my favourite is the out-of-context one. Possibly influenced by the coincidence of today being ANZAC day 2009 & I'm about to head over to Rotorua to see a circus with Ms Abstract Random. Though with Ms Abstract Random involved it may have changed back to a movie or something entirely different by the time I get there.

microphen said...

yeah i think it's my fav too. though i like the others too.

what kind of parent names their kid abstract random. that's just cruel.