Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Auction

For those of you who hadn't caught the news, you missed this last night - the Phil Jacobs Benefit Auction.

I, however, didn't miss it. In fact I'd been involved with it in some capacity for the past few weeks.

For those of you who did miss it, check out the website and buy some of the great art that will be appearing on TradeMe in the next few days.

To quote from the website "For more than thirty years Phil Jacobs has been Wellington’s preeminent camera repair technician. Almost every photographer who has worked in this city will have used his services at some time or another."

Phil is a lovely and giving man and it is fabulous that the local photographic community has come together to help him when his family needs it. I've only known Phil for the past ten years and from day one he was a friend. Pop in to his crowded workshop to drop off or pick up a camera and a couple of hours later you'd leave. The last time he did some work for me I had to convince him to invoice me. He eventually got around to it a couple of months later.

Anyway, back to last night. I had a successful evening, fulfilling a longtime ambition of owning my very own Wayne Barrar. And it's a cracker too.

I also got my hands on a Daniel Boobyer - he's a bit of a renaissance man in this town, or maybe an anachronism.

Some would argue the picture us just a muddle of gray, and therefore not a proper photo at all. I still haven't fully deciphered it, but it reminds me of Fiona Pardington's Taniwha.

The household also scored a print of the cover image from one of Lucien Rizos' recent books.

We were quite happy with last night's purchases, a bit disappointed on missing out on a couple of items, but happy in the knowledge that there'll be more to buy from TradeMe and that every cent of it will be going to a great cause.

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