Monday, 13 August 2007

The Thirty

These were supposed to be posted last Friday, cos on that day someone I know turned thirty. And she told me to post some shots of her as a birthday present. So being the great friend I am, here they are now - just a few days late. I'm sure there are more in my collection somewhere but they can wait for another time.

Happy Birthday B.


Restless Daycreature said...

Haha cool! It's like a haircut diary.
I like the first & last shots best. You should do more portraits but I know it's not your thing...

microphen said...

so you like the blurry ones eh. i like the one with the palm tree hair style. it's awesome.

i like photographing people who don't mind being photographed. i don't like photographing people who do mind being photographed. sadly that's most people i know. and i'm not brave enough to photograph people i don't know.

but thanks for your vote of confidence anyway.